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For all of you who have been in the clan, you would've known SmokeapopxX. and everbody that knew him would be glad to hear this. HE'S BEEN BOOTED!!! YAHH!!! but... he's joined a clan of SCU traitors that has been unknown until today. their name, H1N1. (laughs) yes its hini and there after us. this is no laughing matter. we need to ACT!!!



mandatory meeting on friday june 12, 5:00 PM Pacific. BE THERE!!!



I have moved the dead line to the next satrday. that is the 13.

DEAD LINE 13 of june.

BTW,my birthDay is coming up on june 14!!!! Blarget2!!!!!

                          PUZZLER COMPOTITION

All you have to do is make a ninja puzzle, and have RECONXZ to see whos ninja puzzle is the best.

If you have problems or dont know what to do. Just send reconxz a message or shout it in the shout box.


DEAD LINE june-6

Steppin it up

ATTENTION!!!   i know you guys probably haven't checked here in a long time but this is urgent!! we are making the clan bigger and better were adding squads and recruiting. if you want to join a squad or become a squad leader message me! this is important!! we are steppin it up


Go to the SCU youtube account and

SUBSCRIBE!!!! check out the videos



 heres the link:





 Hey Everyone!!! this is our new clan banner! post it wherever you can!!!.




Hey Everyone!!! The trailer for the series for our clan is here!! i'm about half way done with the first one and am working hard. Keep up the good work for everyone that is helping!!! check out my youtube channel here:

Copy and paste into search bar 




Keep on Rolling!!!

All joined members


can now


participate in daily

 Custom Games,



And More...






The clans Growing!


Now with 30 members we are starting to help with achevments such as vidmasters, and also will help with ranking.
We are also starting clan battles and clan ranks.
Join soon!


clan S.C.U is here!!!!

With 30 members and counting my clan is officially here

TO join clan simply message reconXZ or SmokeaPopXx on Xbox live  and ask to join!